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“The Gambler” Toiletry bag

“The Gambler” Toiletry bag

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Classy meets casual, with this luxurious black leather toiletry bag. The body is made of high-quality 5-6 oz. Glovetan chap leather to provide enough body that the bag doesn’t collapse on itself, but is piable enough to mash into that unused corner of your suitcase.
The handle and pull tab are constructed from Hermann Oak leather to provide a durable anchor when you need to zip up quickly and head down the road. 

A “toe bug” has been stitched into the right side of the bag to give you a quiet and luxurious western feel. 


thread: #138 for the toe bug and rolled edge along the zipper give a clean tight external look. #277 for body assembly to provide heavy duty strength when you need to double up on your toiletry supplies on your long trips. 


premium #5 YKK brass zipper. 


L: 10.5” W: 4.5” H: 5”

This product comes with a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defects. We expect our products to hold up to the abuse of being hauled around to rodeos and branding camps and still be able to clean up for that trip you gifted your wife to Costa Rica.



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